Zaches & Zinnober dritte Irland – Tournee

Vom 12. bis zum 15. April waren Zaches & Zinnober auf ihrer dritten Irland-Tournee für das Goethe-Institut in Dublin, Irland. Einige Wochen zuvor erschien in Kildare in englischer Sprache folgende Vorankündigung, die wir euch nicht vorenthalten wollen:

German-learners in Carlow, Clare and Kerry are in for a musical treat when the popular duo of Michael Zachial and Ralf Siebenand – ‘Zaches und Zinnober’- return to Irish shores in April at the Invitation of Ursula Kreher of the Goethe-Institut and in co-operation with the MLPSI. Previous visits have seen them perform at schools in Meath, Kildare and Galway, Cork, Limerick and Tipperary where they have thrilled crowds of primary school children with their catchy tunes. During the performance, pupils are actively involved and encouraged to sing, dance and clap along to songs about such diverse themes as animals, pirates and vampires.

To ensure that the children can fully participate in and appreciate the show, German teachers in the Initiative schools chosen as part of this year’s tour have received CDs and texts of the tunes to allow them to prepare the children in advance. Then it’s ‘altogether now’ for a spectacle which promises to be a truly interactive, not to mention culturally-enriching experience!
‘Zaches and Zinnober’ have sold thousands of recordings in Germany and further information about them and their songs can be found by paying a visit to their website.